each treat is priced individaully depending on intricacy of design, flavor, servings, and time invested in your creation.

icing and sprinkles: $1.50 each
fondant toppers: start at $2.00

basic round cake covered in fondant...start at...
6 inch: $30
8 inch: $40
10 inch: $50
12 inch: $60

cake lollipops
These small pieces of heaven come in a batch of 40-45 cake lollipops.  Each come individually tied in a small baggie with coordinating ribbon.
Basic design:  Covered with your choice of sprinkles: $1.00 each
Custom design: $2.00 each

i've done lots of research, asking around, and then finally came to the conclusion of what it takes to make a custom cake that makes you smile.
here are my 3 elements of pricing:

number one - ingredients and supplies
each cake costs a different amount to make, because different ingredients are used for different cakes. chocolate doesn't need a fresh vanilla bean, but it does need chocolate! besides ingredients, other supplies include, boxes, cake boards, foil, even dowels.

number two - time
a whole lot of love is going into your creations. time spent consulting, planning the design, shopping, baking, making fondant, making fillings and icings, and sometimes hand molded toppers. Oh...did I mention the extra time if you wanted colored fondant or icing? like I said...a lot of love!

number three - overhead
when baking from a home, we use our own oven, urilities, pans, mixers, dishwashers, and soap.

to sum it up...i love what i do, and i love seeing you smile when you see something made especially for you or your loved one.  thank you for choosing me!
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