Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sawyer's cake

I've been wanting to take a series of pictures to document the steps to making a cake, but it never seems to work out because most of the time I am working as fast as I can and my hands are always covered in fondant, or cornstarch....so these were all I got... maybe next time :)
I have become a lover of modeling chocolate.  It is super easy to make and it cuts so much cleaner and smoother than fondant. In the first picture I am weighing the corn syrup
that will be mixed with the candy melts.

After mixing it all together- lay it out to dry and harden...knead together until smooth, then cover until use :)

Here's the 8 inch cake....carved and being leveled.

After sitting in the fridge to harden, it's time to smooth out the icing ...if you look close, you'll see the holes on the right side...this is the side that hasn't been smoothed yet...

...and a BIG jump to the final product.  He loved it :)
I get asked a lot about how long it takes to make a cake like this...this cake had 2 batches of fondant, 2 batches of icing doubled, vanilla bean recipe, chocolate recipe doubled, and hand cut letters from modeling chocolate.  I didn't count the hours from start to finish, but just decorating took 3 hours. :)
I love seeing the end product and learn a little more each time...

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