Monday, August 19, 2013


I thought I'd take a few pics from the wedding cake I did last week.  These are after the cakes were baked and the icing was made.  I think I used 8-10 sticks of butter, just for the icing :) 
Here's the prep area for the next days work...crumb coating and filling the cakes. Materials: cake turntable, cake boards, dowel rods, piping bags, piping tips, and bubble straws.

I took an online course with Joshua Harris, one of Food Network's Stars, and decided to try what he does..instead of using flour and shortening in his pans, he reuses a butter wrapper to place on the bottom of the pan so that the cake won't stick.  When it's done baking it looks like it's baked in the cake,  but it peels right off.  If you look real close at the pic below you'll see the butter wrapper. 

Leveling the cakes and cutting them in half..


I was running out of time, so the pictures had to stop :)
Here's the dowel rod going through the cake and cake boards for stability

the end ;)

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