Monday, July 15, 2013

Soccer Ball and a lot of learning

A few weeks back, I did a cake with a butter based buttercream and was reminded how super soft it gets in humid weather. So, this time around I tried something different...something I've read a lot about but was afraid to try...covering and crumb-coating the cake in ganache.  Ganache is just melted chocolate along with heavy cream...but it has to have the right consistency to form a hard shell around the you a smooth surface to cover in fondant. 
 I have been following Jessica Harris, a cake master, for a while and her cakes are ahh-mazing.  She is so kind to answer questions, give advice and show pictures on her blog of how she creates such beautiful cakes. Although mine look nothing like hers, I have to give her credit and all she has put out there to help so many of us who enjoy cakes.  If you haven't seen her work, check it out here.
So, here's the result of a few firsts.  The first ganache covered cake, first ball cake, and first time decorating with modeling chocolate.  I learned a lot...for sure.  Enjoy! :)

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